The grave of businessman Alfred Onninen – Mietteissä (In Deep Thought)

Mietteissä (In Deep Thought)

Bronze sculpture and bronze reliefs
Eemil Halonen 1950
Turku Cemetery

Eemil Halonen made the funerary sculpture Mietteissä (In Deep Thought) in 1950, the same year that Commercial Counsellor Alfred Onninen died. In this piece, a young female figure is humbly genuflecting. The elbow of her right arm is resting on her right knee and her fingers are touching her chin. Her gaze is focused in front of her in a pensive way. Her left hand is at her side, holding an urn. Attached to the gravestone are portrait reliefs of Alfred Onninen and his wife.

Photograph: Halonen Museum Foundation

Businessman Alfred Onninen (1876–1950)

Businessman Alfred Onninen (1876–1950) established a plumbing contracting firm in Turku in 1913. The city was being actively built and developed and there was a shortage of plumbing supplies. Three years later, Onninen’s firm grew to become a joint-stock company with three owners, Oy Alfred Onninen Ab, renamed after a while as Wesi- ja Lämpöjohtoliike Oy Alfred Onninen Ab. Its premises were in Kauppiaskatu Street in Turku. During the following decade, the business expanded from installing plumbing to a wholesaler of heating and plumbing supplies.

The Onninen company began to install plumbing in Helsinki in 1927, and the Finnish capital became the main location of the new Vesijohtoliike Onninen Oy company, which was founded in the same year. Two years later, the operations in Turku were converted into a branch of the main company and the old firm in Turku was discontinued. During the war years, the management of the company began to be increasingly taken over from Alfred Onninen in Turku by his son-in-law Theodor Andell (later Martti Auriala) in Helsinki. Building and construction in the post-war years were slowed by shortages of materials, because the war reparations industries were prioritized for a long while in all purchases of material. Despite the difficulties of the period, Onninen managed to create a nation-wide network of branches. After the death of Alfred Onninen, the company’s activities were divided among his three heirs and it diversified into air-conditioning and electrical installations.



Turku Cemetery
Uudenmaankatu, 20720 Turku
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